About Us

Company overview

Zeconomy is a Fintech AI platform that transforms complex B2B transactions and fractured processes into easy B2C like transactions with instant liquidity, extended payment terms, and lower-cost financing.

Zeconomy is managed by an exceptional team of experts and leaders in global supply chains, technology, and capital markets, from Cisco Systems, IBM, UC Healthcare, HSBC, and others. Our team managed over $50 billion in trade credit and $40 billion in procurements annually.

Why We’re Doing It

Because 97% of businesses get only 5% of the capital

Medium and small businesses create half of the revenues and most of the jobs. Yet their capitalization and access to credit represent only 5% of all business capital in the US.

It’s a broken system when creating ½ of value gets you 5% of the resources.

B2B transactions are fractured and costly.

Shipping notices, invoice issuance, reconciliation, errors, customer invoice approval processes, invoice collection, delayed payments have all lacked counterparty process visibility, and create uncertainty of payment dates, costly follow-ups, and disputes, among others.


At Zeconomy, we let supply chain businesses to unlock billions in liquidity and new credit. Our patented technology is driven by smart algorithms and enhanced by scalability, design-thinking, and usability.

Our goal is to empower business growth by providing them with the financial resources they need. This applies to every size business, from small businesses to massive global enterprises.

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